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Founding Allthenticate's Branding

As the founding Creative Director at Allthenticate, I had to develop a brand to kickstart marketing and digital content creation endeavors. Here, I will lead you through my brand development and identity management process for this company. This brand identity ultimately shapes how I designed, produced, and developed content for social media, email marketing campaigns, educational blogs, and the UI/UX.

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The young, hi-tech company.

Breaking Down Allthenticate's Missions and Branding

"Security doesn’t have to be hard. At Allthenticate, we want to break the mold of security products by providing users with more security and less burden. We believe in a world where employees can spend their time working and not dealing with security policies. Our product, Single Device Authentication (SDA), enables seamless authentication in both the physical and digital worlds, while unifying the management of these credentials into one easy-to-use interface. Join us as we enter a new era of authentication, Allthentication."

From taking a look at Allthenticate's mission, I focused on some key elements and emphases:

  • Spread awareness about cybersecurity 

  • Make security easy and fun for users

  • Reduce the costs of security to serve society

  • Ensure that users have ease of mind while using personal assets

Those key elements and emphases gave way to the branding I envisioned for Allthenticate:

  • Hi-tech startup (Cybersecurity startup)

  • Young/youth (UCSB alumni and students on team)

  • Fun, reliable, educated (Team culture)

  • Security feels magical/easy (User experience)

Then, I made the first draft of the Allthenticate Brand Guide:

Later in my role, I changed it all up. I established the new branding, and I went to work with reworking digital content.

This is a product brochure that is given to prospective users and sales.

This is a media document that summarizes the company and provides branding for media coverage.

From Marketing Intern to Creative Director: A Reflection

Ever since I found passion in graphic design, I was always surrounded by brand guidelines I had to follow. For me to develop my own brand guidelines for a new company was a major learning experience. I knew what good design looked like, and I knew how to develop standards for design. However, most of the issues I ran into came from enforcing these brand standards among those who published stuff in the company. I was a designer in a room of engineers and managers. Being the only person technically trained in design and digital media challenged me build trust with the development team and build confidence in my design decisions.

I had perfectionistic attitude when it came to developing guidelines and visualizations for Allthenticate; I always thought I had to get the messaging right before publishing anything. Now, I acknowledge that branding is always changing and improving

I now highly seek and appreciate having design and marketing mentors in my future jobs. I was designing from my ideas of what good design is and developing messaging from my ideas of what good writing is. What I lacked for extreme growth in my position was meaningful and immediate feedback from those who have been technically trained in design and marketing. 

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