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A Compilation of My Side Designs

Letting Go Album Cover

A friend, who is also a SoundCloud artist, commissioned me to make an album cover for his new mix. He trusted me with surprising him, but gave me pointers for what is preferred in the design.

  • Cooler and darker colors

  • Concept of duality/reflection

  • Sky/celestial bodies

  • Natures and landscapes

  • A sense of limbo, realization, moving on, etc

It was one of those designs where I immediately had an image in my head. I quickly drafted an illustration with watercolors.


Everything in this design was made from scratch! I tried to find a font that was spacey but not too edge due to the softness of the illustration. I tried to capture the sense of drifting and moving along in a space that feels finite and infinite at the same time. 


Williams College's Underrepresented Identities in Computer Science 

A friend from the east coast asked if I could create a logo for an organization he created to empower underrepresented identities in computer science. There were no specific preferences other than following the Williams College brand guidelines and depicting iconic sceneries on campus.


The drafts I made were too complicated to use, so I opted for a cleaner and simple design.


Isla Vista Sticker

I had the task of creating a sticker design for a fundraiser hosted by UCSB's Vietnamese Student Association. I lost the pencil drafts for this, but I based my design off of the scenery in our nearby college town. The hidden "IV" stands for Isla Vista!


Project Poke Logos

A local restaurant opened up a logo design contest, and I participated! There were no guidelines since the company wanted to go through rebranding. I had total creative freedom with this contest.


I played around with fish and poke imagery, and I ended up creating these designs. I didn't win the design contest because the owner was looking for something more whimsical.


California-Nevada-Hawai'i KIWIN'S Sticker Design

A friend asked me to help them design a sticker for a year-long fundraiser hosted in California. They simply asked for a cool design that showcased their mascot: the grizzly bear.


I had the choice of depicting either a sunset or a night sky, and I opted for a sunset for more vivid colors. 


Key Club District Conventions Cards

I took the initiative as Key Club International Trustee to create cards for the districts I overlooked! I referenced landmarks and landscapes to illustrate these designs.


The Seussification of Service Convention

The District Governor of the Montana Key Club District asked me to create a design for their student leadership convention. Their theme for the 2018 year is "The Seussification of Service," which I totally had fun with. I lost my sketches, but I referenced Dr. Seuss' illustration style. Everything is drawn from hand and designed by hand. 


UC Berkeley Consult Your Community

A friend attending UC Berkeley commissioned me to create a promotional flyer for Consult Your Community. Since it is a organization that provides consulting services to the Bay Area, I decided to illustrate the Bay Area in the design.

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