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From Marketing Intern to Creative Director - A reflection on my expanding roles in UI/UX


UX Research


Visual Design

Interaction Design

Motion Design



Visual Studio Code

Node.js, Vue

Adobe Creative Suite


Lots of Youtube Tutorials


July 2020-May 2021

(11 Months)


As the Creative Director at Allthenticate, I worked on various projects that had everything to do with design, visuals, marketing, and user experience. Allthenticate’s main products and services included passwordless authentication software, access control management software, and physical access control door readers. Some of my general responsibilities included redesigning user interfaces, simplifying the user experience, and making things look cool. 

What is Allthenticate?

Allthenticate wants to get rid of all the inconveniences that come with physical keys and digital passwords. When compromised, lost, or forgotten, these tools often end up costing companies and individuals more resources. Allthenticate offers passwordless and keyless solutions that are easy and simple to use. Take away the burdens that resource managers or employees have to face in juggling all the keys and passwords. This video I produced summarizes the Allthentication process:

Keyless Access Control and Passwordless Authentication

Keyless Access Control and Passwordless Authentication

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Pain Points of Current Authentication Solutions

1. Passwords and Keys

are insecure.

2. Companies juggle different solutions.

3. In the long-term, they are costly.

Passwords and keys, while widely used, are not efficient and reliable methods of authenticating a user. They are often stolen, forgotten, or a hassle to keep. These methods are not zero-trust. If used as the only method of authentication, passwords and keys are easily misused by impersonators. 

Digital authentication and physical access control are marketed separately, thus current solutions only focus on one or the other. Employees often haul and juggle different software or physical keys/IDs to access anything. It disrupts productivity and authentication speed.

The costs of maintaining passwords, rekeying, and on-boarding/off-boarding add up in the long-term. Companies are always susceptible to data attacks. It can be costly to buy keys and IDs for each employee. It is difficult to record who has access to what in the on-boarding and off-boarding process.

Allthenticate is the Solution

1. Get rid of the need of

passwords and keys

2. An all-in-one solution      for authentication

3. A subscription tier for      all-inclusive access

Access anything with just your phone. We take advantage of the built-in security structures smartphones have that act as a unique identifier. Most people carry their phones on them at all times, as opposed to office keys and key fobs. Zero-trust is implemented throughout the authentication process.

Manage digital and physical access to company devices and doors in one cloud management platform. Log into devices and unlock/lock doors with one key you won't forget: your phone.

Get access to the Allthenticate cloud management platform and the Allthenticator mobile app with an easy and cost-effective subscription that is based on company size. Receive the same service no matter how big or small your company is.

UX Research

Chad Spensky (CEO), Rita Mounir (COO), and Evan Blasband (CTO) spent a long time, before and during my role, contacting small to medium tech companies to gain insight on what they are currently using. I joined in on this research later in my role. Based on their research, I had to design the brand and user experience with these questions in mind:

  • What is your current cybersecurity setup?

  • What is your current physical access control setup?

  • What are the pros and cons of said setup?

  • What matters the most to you when choosing a solution for cybersecurity and physical access control?

  • What factor would convince you most in implementing a new solution for cybersecurity and physical access control?

  • How do you think your current cybersecurity or physical access control setup can be improved?

I chose these questions guide me during the design process because they identify problems with current solutions and how we can better improve usability and accessibility. For the most part, the team decided to prioritize easy usability and clean design in the app.

Allthenticator App Development

When I redesigned the first iteration of the Allthenticator, I knew what good design looked like but I was not knowledgeable in creating effective app design. I had to take on more research about UI/UX design because I did not have design mentors within the company for me to follow. Behind all of the work designing interfaces and visualizing the user experience was me reading a bunch of articles on the laws of UI/UX, reviewing other phone apps, engaging with professionals at my university’s Design-a-thons, and speeding through Youtube tutorials.


Although my role ended before we could finish the third redesign of the Allthenticator app and implement it, I created a quick prototype of the third iteration using the Adobe Suite and Figma shortly before my leave. We worked with a few local tech companies like Apeel and CarpeData to test the product and receive feedback. Flutter was used to develop the Allthenticator, and I had to translate my assets for developers to use. Allthenticate has now taken a new course of design as of 2022, so I can share this personal project. Here are a few points that guided me through the design process:

1. Simple, Easy, Clean

Allthenticate aimed to cut out any unnecessary fluff and promoted how straightforward their services are. Every product and service should be easy to use. With this branding in mind, I designed the app to be just that. Right now, the prototype only focuses on utility. The profile and setting tabs are not developed as of now, but I will be working on those pages in my personal time.

Allthenticator Log In

2. Enjoyable and Fun

My background in motion graphics allowed me to visualize and create motion in the interfaces. Even though the app’s main purpose is to lock/unlock and login/logout, adding graphics and motions to the app made the user experience more enjoyable and delightful.

Allthenticator Face ID Authentication

3. Accessible

I designed with the consideration of people with visual impairments and less technology literacy. I avoided using too much color and kept the layouts simple. The icon animations had to be executed in a way that effectively communicates the current action without being too complex and distracting.

Allthenticator PIN Authentication

Creating Demos

In addition to working on the Allthenticator app, I had to design demo websites that integrate with our services. These demo websites served as visualizations of the Allthenticate user experience to new users. One demo website included our fictional financial institution, Allthentibank, where users can integrate Allthenticate with their bank login and log in passwordlessly.

Allthenticate UI/UX

Allthenticate UI/UX
Allthenticate Car Demo

Allthenticate Car Demo

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Allthenticate Financial Institution Passwordless Login Demo

Allthenticate Financial Institution Passwordless Login Demo

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Allthenticate's Okta Integration Demo

Allthenticate's Okta Integration Demo

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Seamless and Passwordless Authentication

Seamless and Passwordless Authentication

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Lessons were learned while diving into UI/UX.

Designing user interfaces and visualizing the user experience at Allthenticate proved to be a challenge. It was difficult having little professional design guidance within the company, but the situation forced me to assert myself as the sole design voice. This was where I developed the confidence to communicate and build trust with developers and managers about design choices and how I envisioned everything to look. I now highly seek and appreciate having design mentors within future companies. 


I recognize that the Allthenticator will continuously go through different and new iterations before it can become something close to what its purpose is: To make digital authentication and physical access control seamless and fun. If I had more time in my role, I would continue to apply my acquired knowledge about UI/UX design into developing the Allthenticator and other integrated demo sites.

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