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Clear Digital

Our brand refresh - My role in taking our agency to what's next



Graphic Design


Adobe Illustrator


January 2023 - June 2023

(6 Months)


When I first joined this digital creative agency, we were already in the works of a major transition! At Clear Digital, I helped clients connect ideas with results as a visual designer. When our agency was going through its own rebrand, I was one of the designers who got to set the stage. 

Why the rebrand?

Our agency, formerly known as WebEnertia, specialized in crafting the digital brand experience for B2B companies. Based in Silicon Valley, we help demanding brands connect their ideas to tangible results. WebEnertia felt too "small agency," and it did not encompass the variety of digital services that we offer. Not to mention, the spelling can throw off quite a bit of people. We needed something more sophisticated. We needed to take greater leadership in the digital experience space.

What does success look like in other digital agencies?

2. Their branding stands well with time

3. Their digital presence demonstrate their skills

1. They have a name

that clicks

Successful and well-known digital agencies had names that just aesthetically click. Critical Mass. Clay. Ueno. They sounded large, and they sounded like leaders. Their names were straightforward and clear.

A well-crafted brand can grow with time instead of feeling left behind with each passing year. 

The agency's social media, marketing assets, employees, and other digital profiles are consistently exemplifying their quality of service. 

We needed to be clear.

We needed to make an elevated brand that B2B companies can trust. Clear Digital came into the picture. Now, we sound like an agency that can help businesses navigate change. Several designers contributed to the development of the branding.

clear logos.PNG
My contributions to the rebrand

I created graphic assets for the brand reveal, merchandise, and social media templates for Clear Digital. 

Brand Reveal Event


Social Media Templates

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