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A wonderful homage to my traditionally artistic roots - "The Very Observable Pipeline"



Character Design

Graphic Design

Print and Publication


Paper and Watercolor





May 2023-June 2023

(1 Month)


As a visual designer at Clear Digital, I always had to be on my feet when client companies pitch ambitious marketing ideas. Cribl's "The Very Observable Pipeline" book had me swept in excitement. Felicia Dorng, Senior Product Marketing Manager, and Mickey Hsieh, Senior Web Marketing Manager, at Cribl entrusted me to bring this nostalgic piece to life. 

Why a book?

My design manager told me Cribl is known for their creative marketing experiences that target niche communities and specific hobbies. This book aims to target all of the data-loving kids in us with the iconic style of the "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" by Eric Carle. The total project took about 120 hours to complete from character design, art blocking, and art rendering. 

Below is the final product pulled from Cribl's site and the steps taken to get there!

Character Design

Character concepts were drawn using Adobe Photoshop and an art tablet.

Art Blocking

I presented art blocks made from water color and ink to the client. These blocks allowed the Cribl team to confirm the details and placements before I digitally illustrate and render the art in Adobe Illustrator. 

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