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A total brand and visual overhaul - Supporting my first website redesign project


UI Design

Visual Design


Adobe Creative Suite



September 2022-March 2023

(7 Months)


Habu came to Clear Digital, the agency I worked at, to redesign their website in conjunction with their rebrand. While this project was being executed, we worked with Signal Factory to ensure our designs were aligned with their new brand guidelines for Habu. I got to be a supporting visual designer for Juliann Klein, a senior visual designer. I contributed to the design, layout, UI and design system kit, and some image production in Figma. While supporting Juliann, I learned how to do design QA on multiple screens and how to facilitate client meetings.

A new data leader emerges

Habu offers data clean room software that leverages collaborative intelligence to get business outcomes. Their original branding was very minimal, and it felt like there was still room to grow. They needed branding and a website that demonstrates their leadership in data intelligence.

scrnli_7_16_2023_9-49-52 PM.png
scrnli_7_16_2023_9-51-14 PM.png
scrnli_7_16_2023_9-51-53 PM.png
Working with Signal Factory

The designers at Signal Factory created a bold, sophisticated, and minimal brand that is incredibly eye-catching and unique in the data intelligence industry. What made this branding so impactful for Habu's next stage of growth is that they are really the only one in the space that can own this type of branding. Because of this, they can stand out from their competitors. View their amazing work below!

While designing the website, we were constantly checking in with them to see how far we could push the new brand in its limited parameters.


Melody Hsia, our UX designer, produced wireframes in sets for the visual designers to base the website's flow on. Usually, we base the direction of the entire website on the homepage design. Juliann and I worked with Micah Gentzel, the lead developer, to get this website live.

UI Kit in Figma


Website Showcase

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