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Lighting it Up at Leviton


For my first post-undergraduate job, I returned home as a graphic designer for Intense Lighting and Birchwood Lighting! My responsibilities extend beyond just graphic design. As of right now, I contribute motion graphics, video production, photography, social media management, website management, and publication. This page will be updated as new projects are completed.

Visit for more company information at Intense Lighting, Birchwood Lighting, and Leviton 

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Minimalistic Lighting
for All Spaces

Breaking Down Intense's and Birchwood's Missions and Brandings

After spending time with my manager, I noted some key elements and emphases:

  • Meet the demands of architectural, residential,  commercial, and retail design communities

  • Regularly introduce stylish, innovative, and functional standard products to the design marketplace

  • Educate about new technologies related to lighting and controls

Those key elements and emphases gave way to the visual assets I made.

First Project: Create product brochures

One of the first tasks I received upon starting my job was to create product brochures for upcoming product launches. I got way more familiar with Adobe Indesign, Adobe Photoshop, product photography, and publication through these projects. 

*Some brochures are yet to be published

Second Project: Create digital media for social media

My manager had a goal of being more active on our social media platforms for 2022, and I expressed interest in contributing. The aim was to post weekly.


Third Project: Create product webpages and maintain the websites

 There are some technical limitations to building pages on Oracle, especially when the templates and widgets were made by an external contract. Typically, I would be redesigning some pages, updating information, and creating product pages ready for product launches.


Fourth Project: Create videos

My experience in motion graphics and video production became a major asset to our digital platforms. The video format had been an effective method of communicating about our products, so I was tasked to produce videos.

*Some videos are yet to be published.

Intense Lighting and Birchwood Lighting

Intense Lighting and Birchwood Lighting
BWA250 Launch

BWA250 Launch

Play Video
Spotlight on Experience:
A Reflection
Spotlight on Experience:
A Reflection

It was my first full-time, salaried job after graduation, and transitioning into it made me realize how much experience my coworkers had compared to me. During the first few months, I definitely had some intrusive thoughts about imposter syndrome because I did not have a strong technical background in design compared to everyone around me. Plus I was the only person in their twenties in the marketing department. 

After a few more months, I became a viable asset to our team, especially with my skills in video production. The intrusive thoughts went away slowly!

Being in this industry made me realize I wanted to work on projects/services that users would enjoy using. Currently, I just push out nice promotional materials and never revisit them for user feedback. I seek more challenges in design.

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