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Viral Nation

A trendy brand with greater ownership - A throwback to collages



Graphic Design


Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop




April 2023 - May 2023

(2 Months)


Viral Nation came to Clear Digital, the agency I worked at, for a brand transformation. With the task to complete a brand refresh within two months, I joined a few other senior designers to meet that challenge. I mostly worked on brand imagery and collaborated with Viral Nation's internal design team to ensure each detail gets approved by leadership.

The entire project was produced and documented in Figma.

Prioritizing cohesion.

There are multiple services and branches within Viral Nation's structure. Thus, it was important for the new brand to be consistent between different platforms and services. The style-scape they chose was thematically enterprise, modern, and techy.


I contributed to adding assets to their company Frontify and provided a walkthrough on how to use these assets in marketing collateral. 

Creating collages

Collages were such a huge trend in my childhood. I remember saving magazines to piece together, surfing through online aesthetic collage boards, and doing a ton of scrapbooking. Guiding the direction of their brand imagery was fun for me. I worked with my Design Manager, Austin Nguyen, on several of these collages.

The first round

These initial concepts were shared to me by Viral Nation's internal design team. They asked me for assistance on guiding them on how to use their new branding.

Frame 1.png

Finalized social media concepts

After receiving feedback from Scott Leatherman, their CMO, and the rest of their stakeholders on their initial concepts, we realized that these images need to be:

  • more literal (it needs to have literal elements related to their brand)

  • more exciting (there needed more color and graphic elements)

  • more human (their brand is based on people and collaboration)

This is how the social media concepts turned out!


Marketing Visuals

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